Group Records

Updating Group Changes/Procedures

For new meetings and existing group changes, several service links need to be updated. Fortunately, the process is designed so that updating any of the District, Iowa Area, or World Service Office (WSO) will update all of them!
Three options for updating Group Records:

  1. Update the District Representative: This is the simplest way to ensure communication flows to all three links. The District Representative (DR) will:
    1. Send the group changes (with the group number) to the Area Group Records Coordinator who will send those updates to WSO and Area Coordinators.
    2. Update the District Meeting Schedule for the District and send a copy (in a Word or PDF format) to the Web Page Coordinator to upload to the District table on the Meetings page.
  2. Update the Area Group Records Coordinator: If your District doesn’t have a DR, you must email the Area Group Records Coordinator directly with the group changes. Be sure to include your group’s WSO Group Number if possible. The Group Records Coordinator will send the updates to WSO and Area Coordinators. Please inform the Area Web Page Coordinator if you don’t have someone in your District to update the District Meeting Schedule.
  3. Update the World Service Office: To update (WSO) directly, download and fill out the Group Records Change form on the WSO Members website, which contains instructions for filling out the form. Once completed print or scan the document and email it to the WSO Group Records office. WSO will inform the Area Group Records Coordinator of the change, who will update the District Representative.

Group updates can be submitted by the Group Contact (CMA), Group Representative or District Representative.

Validating Group Information

Group Members can validate changes by viewing them on the Meetings page. Be sure to check both the Iowa Area List and the District’s Meeting Schedule. You can request a copy of your group’s WSO listing from your DR to verify other** group information.

District Representatives can verify correct Group Records by comparing their District Records and updated Meeting Schedule with Area Group Records, which are sent out prior to each Assembly. DRs may log in directly to WSO’s Online Group Records Site to view all** group information for groups in their District.

If your group information is not correct, please contact your District Representative or Area Group Records Coordinator.

*New Meetings should fill out the Group Registration Form on the WSO Members website to fill out the form. Then submit the form via the District Representative, Area Group Records Coordinator, or WSO as described above.

**Only the Area Group Records Coordinator can update the Alternate Group Representative information. (This information is not tracked at WSO.)