Elections and Resumes

Iowa Area Election Resumes

According to the Area Policy Manual, any member that is interested in standing for an Area coordinator or officer position must complete an Area resume.

In order to benefit from service experience, area officers will be elected from outgoing area officers and district representatives who have served a full three-year term in the Iowa area. Also eligible will be past district representatives who have remained active. Active defined as:

  1. Regular attendance at Al-Anon meetings.
  2. Attendance at AWSC and Area Assemblies (minimum 3 per year)
  3. Participation in service work at any level.

Any active Al-Anon member, who also meets the qualifications for group representative, with a good understanding of the Steps, Traditions and the basic Al-Anon program may stand for a coordinator’s position. At least two years in the Al-Anon program is suggested.

The completed Area Officers & Coordinators Resume form must be submitted to the Area Chairperson and either US post mark dated or e-mail time dated by July 1st of the election year for inclusion in the August newsletter. (See Iowa Area Policy Guidelines 2022 for more detailed information.)