Delegate’s Corner

Dear All,

The Town Hall was a wonderful way to bring our GRs and members together to discuss the very important topic of possibly incorporating electronic groups into our Area structure.

 I’ve combined the minutes that I received from our breakouts at our Town Hall. See the attachment below along with all of the other supporting documents. My hope is that you can share this information with your groups.

Our expectation is that Group Representatives will provide guidance and direction to the Area in October on whether they want to move forward with including permanent electronic groups into our Area structure, or not. 

The best way to have a group conscience is to be fully informed. Our service guidelines suggest that the Delegate visit each district to expand on the information brought forward at the World Service Conference. I am here to support the Iowa Districts in any way that would be beneficial.

 We will talk further at the AWSC meeting in August, keep checking this corner for the latest Delegate updates.

Please reach out with questions, comments, ideas, concerns.

Town Hall Minutes ** Virtual Town Hall Flyer ** Flow Chart Transforming Electronic Groups ** Electronic Groups ** Transforming Electronic Groups

Katy P

Iowa Delegate, Panel 60

Delegate’s Corner